Faux Fur Mongolian Brown 60 Inch Wide Fabric By the Yard

Faux Fur Mongolian Brown 60 Inch Wide Fabric By the Yard

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This Mongolian faux fur is designed to copy the appearance and texture of real animal fur.
This great fabric using the most sought after faux fur.
This fabric has a special backing to hold the furs together using special techniques.
With a pile length of 1.5 inches, Create an incredible fashion statement and wrap yourself in your own design for warmth, comfort and mood adjustment.
The faux fur fabric can be used at home and commercial applications.
It is sold by continuous yard.

• Content : 100% Polyester
• Width : 58/60" Wide
• Stretch : None
• Weight : 2 lbs Per Yard
• Pile Length: 3 inches
• Uses: Can be used for upholstery, fuzzy blankets, warm bedspreads, bed room and bathroom rugs,
jackets, jacket linings, fur coats, pea coats, boots and throw blankets.

• Care Instructions: Store in a closet that is not exposed to light. Keep away from any source of heat. Do not iron or steam. Keep away from insecticides, mothproofing, and other chemicals including perfume, hairspray and makeup. Do not enclose in a plastic bag. Like real fur, a faux fur needs to breathe. Do not use blow dryer, hang it to dry.

Shipping is $10.00 Plus 2.00 each additional yard.